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Assistance for students in finding and applying for a wide variety of scholarships

Scholarship Search Services

Check out these quick reviews of scholarship search service sites (e.g. Fastweb,,, BrokeScholar,, and more). Each have their strengths and unique opportunities. Try them on for size!

Ten best sites to look for scholarships  Get the skinny on the best services from the folks at Her Campus

Top five scholarship websites  ...And the student perspective from USCB

A Complete and Honest Review of Leading Scholarship Review Services  From the folks at College

Who should apply...and how to succeed!

Bascially...everyone! Taking a break from school? Don't test well? Parents make "too much" money? Going to a non-traditional school? Doesn't matter...there are scholarships out there for everyone.  Check out these quick articles or the video for important tips for success in winning the scholarships you need:

Minority/Ethnicity & Special Status Scholarships

Yes, scholarships and grants are for everyone!  Click into these popular and effective scholarship search services to get an idea of the incredible variety of opportunities available based on your unique status(es).

Minority/Ethnicity Based


For Women

For Veterans

Unique Situations 

  • Fastweb  Students who are bilingual, adopted, children of single parents, orphaned/parentless, from a small town, have received foster care, and more
  •  First in family to attend college

Thinking outside of the box: Weird and unique sources for scholarships!

Do you speak Klingon? Are you left-handed, fascinated by zombies, have hazel eyes? Do you love to tweet, solve puzzles, your pet, a favorite celebrity, to knit? Seriously, there is scholarship money out there for you. See the examples below and start exploring your favorite scholarship search services for more!

Fastweb-Weird Scholarships, Part 3  Based on creativity, physical characteristics, likes/dislikes...even what you can't do--some of these may be for you  Earn rewards that make you eligible for scholarships by taking surveys, reading blogs, playing online games, taking other words, doing what you do on the web

Our Scholarships for Students in 2015  Fun and interesting scholarships to apply for from's your superpower?

Unusual Scholarships is looking for candy technologists and someone with a mean duck call...any takers?

4 easy scholarships any student can win  All you have to do for these is take a few minutes to sign up or apply for your chance

Niche Scholarships  Easy to apply for...and no essay required