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PADM 601: Principles of Public Administration

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Given the breadth of interests and structures of government agencies and nonprofit organizations, you may find resources listed on other subject guides to be of help.

1. Internal / Operational Aspects

2. Policies & Issues

3. Multidisciplinary

The following three databases cover many different subjects, but none in great depth. Very good for retrieving materials from other disciplines.

4. Cited References Search

Web of Science provides ways to find out how many times an article has been cited. Caveat: Much stronger in the sciences than in the social sciences.

Basic Search: Enter a topic, e.g., "vocational rehabilitation", sort results by 'Times Cited,' and then use the limits on the left, e.g., 'PUBLIC, ENVIRONMENTAL & OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH.'

Cited Reference Search: Select to find articles citing a noted author and/or article.