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Printer and Copier Locations

To view the locations of our printing stations in Cabell Library, click the image below to see our floor maps or click here

Print from your Laptop

VCU provides a free software package so that you can print from you laptop (PC or Mac). You can find the software by clicking the image below or here!  


Ask Us

Load Your Rambucks! you start printing at VCU Libraries, you will need to add RamBucks on your VCUCard to pay for printing. RamBuck stations are found on the first and second floors of Cabell.

How Do I Add RamBucks to my VCUCard?

Note: Print cards are also available for $2 at the Service Desk on the 1st floor. Each print card is sold with a $1 already loaded on the card for your convenience!

Printer Prices

  • 8 cents/page - Single-sided black & white
  • 12 cents/ page - Two-sided black & white
  • 50 cents/page - Color printing (single-sided only)

Copier Prices

  • 10 cents/page - Single-sided black & white 

4 Easy Steps to Printing

Note: Printers will only print pages sized 8 1/2 x 11. Printing 11 x 17 is not supported (unless submitting a poster for large format printing).  


  1. Login to any library computer and select print for you job. On the print options screen, select whether you want to print your document(s) as single-side (8 cents per page), double sided (12 cents per page), or in color (50 cents per page). 


  2. When the Print Job Details box appears, enter your EiD and a name for your document(s). Then press "OK". 


  3. Your print job will be held in a printing queue at the printing stations. Make sure you print your job within 2 hours of sending it. 


  4. At the printer station, swipe your VCUCard at the printer monitor to pay for your print job. The printer will then automatically print your document(s)! Don't forget to press "Logoff" when done!


Note: Cabell does not allow for students to use their own paper for printing. In these instances, if other printing services are required visit Wythken Printing in Richmond, off Grace Street.  

3 Easy Steps to Copying

  1. At the copier, swipe your VCUCard at the small box near the machine. The box will then list how many copies you are allowed to make (max 30 sheets).


  2. Load your paper on the overhead scanner. Make sure the paper is flush with the corners as pictured on the copier machine. Close the scanner over the page and then select how many copies you wish to make using the number pad.


  3.  On the copier touch screen, select 1-1 printing if you are copying for a single-sided sheet (10 cents per page). Or press 2-2 sided printing if you would like to make a double sided copy. Then, press "Start"!  (If making a double sided copy, repeat steps 1 and 2 for the other side). 
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