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SLWK 441 Focus: diverse populations, agency structure & function, skills of engagement, problem definition, assessment, planning for intervention, evaluation.


SLWK 442 Planning & implementing change with diverse populations. Use of case material from concurrent fieldwork practice

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What questions can be asked?

BEGIN with research related to your agency or setting:  

What questions can be asked within the context of my agency or setting, its staff, services, client population(s)? For example:

  • Do clients experience barriers to accessing services? 
  • If so, are barriers related to client’s backgrounds? 
  • How do agency or organization factors affect services? 
  • Have agency practices or programs been evaluated? 
  • Have staff or practitioners been evaluated?
  • Have clients’ needs been assessed? 
  • What area of client needs should be assessed? 
  • Have client satisfaction surveys been implemented? 

  • Most importantly, what’s doable/ not doable (or practical, or recommended) given my time frame?

What questions have been asked by others in similar settings?

Search the peer-reviewed literature using a combination of terms that are relevant to your setting or your questions. For example:

  • barriers OR problems
  • services OR service provision
  • needs assessment
  • mental health
  • staff perceptions

Searches should look something like this:


Recommended Starting Points for Peer-Reviewed Articles