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TEDU 561: Reading Foundations

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Is it a Refereed Article?

Refereed, scholarly, and peer-reviewed are often used interchangeably to mean credible sources rigorously reviewed before publication. These short videos will help you determine (1) whether the publication itself is scholarly; and (2) the type of scholarly article in that publication.

Resources for the Philosophy of Reading Paper

As you insert yourself into the long history of teaching reading, you will be looking for two types of materials: (1) those supporting your selected model of reading; and (2) those discussing studies and theories that have had significant impact on the teaching of reading and on the education of reading teachers. You should be successful in finding what you need by searching ERIC, browsing older issues of important journals, and finding books.

1. Searching ERIC

Browsing for Older Articles

As you can see from the dates of coverage, these journals will provide access to many articles that have since been deemed pioneering, seminal, or otherwise influential.

3. Using VCU Libraries Search to Find Books