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The goal of this guide is to provide nurses a resource to understand and carryout the steps of performing an evidence-based practice (EBP) project.

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Updated: March 27, 2018 

Stop Point 5: Discuss Progress with Your EBP Mentor/Advisor


Before moving on, meet with your mentor/advisor concerning your question.  The purpose of this meeting is to ensure that your question and path forward are one that will allow you to be successful.  Do not move forward before your mentor/advisor sign off on the meeting sheet.  


  • Submit a short write-up that explains the results of the pilot practice change.  Explain why the change was either successful or not successful.  Be sure that you use the gathered data to tell your story.  Also, be sure to discuss next steps, whether that is how you plan to make the change permanent or what could be learned from the failed attempt to change practice.  

Evaluating the Success of the Intervention

 While the team will continuously monitor the implementation throughout the evaluation period and make adjustments when necessary, eventually the time comes to evaluate the project.  When this time comes you must collect and evaluate the measures or sources of data that were used during the pre-intervention period.  From the data that is collected it should become clear as to how successful the project is and whether the implementation should be one that is carried on and considered for wider adoption.  


  • Completed through the development of an action/project management plan. 
  • Gather pre-intervention data


  • Put the plan into action and implement the change on a pilot basis. 


  • Gather the post-intervention data and evaluate the success of the practice change



  • If the practice change is successful in the pilot, must plan to make it a permanent change. 
  • If practice change was unsuccessful, discuss lessons learned and determine what adjustments could be made in order to make a change to change practice. 
  • Disseminate results of the project both inside and outside of the organization. 


Gather Post-Invention Data

The key to being able to understand the success of a practice change is being able to evaluate it.  The post-intervention data will come from the same sources as the pre-intervention data.  

Some of those sources may include:

  • Patient Satisfaction Scores 
  • Nurse Satisfaction Scores
  • Hospital Statistics -  Accidental Falls, Needle Sticks, Wait Times, Etc. 
  • Survey Responses  

Present to Unit and Organizational Bodies for Full Implementation

When it comes to bringing about a permanent change in practice the key to getting it adopted is to communicate clearly and be sure to get approval from the proper committees and nursing leadership.  

  • Unit Based Shared Governance 
  • Professional Practice Council 
  • Divisional Practice Committee - Medicine, Surgery, etc. 
  • Divisional Leadership Committee