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The goal of this guide is to provide nurses a resource to understand and carryout the steps of performing an evidence-based practice (EBP) project.

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Updated: March 29, 2018 

Translation - Planning to Make Change - Place on Diagram


Once you have analyzed the articles and have determined that there is a need to change practice, the next set of steps are to come up with a plan to implement the change and evaluate the effectiveness of that change. 



Another way to look at this part of the EBP project process is as a modified performance improvement process as the change in practice that will be a result of this process must be carefully planned and piloted before full implementation can take place.   The process in the P.I. can be shown in the chart below:



  • Completed through the development of an action/project management plan. 
  • Gather pre-intervention data


  • Put the plan into action and implement the change on a pilot basis. 


  • Gather the post-intervention data and evaluate the success of the practice change



  • If the practice change is successful in the pilot, must plan to make it a permanent change. 
  • If practice change was unsuccessful, discuss lessons learned and determine what adjustments could be made in order to make a change to change practice. 
  • Disseminate results of the project both inside and outside of the organization. 

Tools Needed for this Section

Hospital Committees Available to Help

  • Evidence-Based Practice Translation Committee -  Meet 1st Monday of Month from 9am to 10am