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The Cabell and Health Sciences libraries care about you and your academic success!

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Experience VCU Libraries Wherever You Are

Missing the sounds and spaces of VCU Libraries as you study, write, and research? Re-create the feeling of the library where you are—at home, from your dorm, a park bench, wherever you have chosen to #StudySafer—with the resources on this guide!

Library Sounds

Play the sounds of VCU cafes and famous libraries in the background while you study.

Library Views

Put these images and videos up in the background to simulate the ambiance of VCU Libraries.

Horizontal images for computer wallpapers and Zoom backgrounds

Vertical images for phone wallpapers

Videos to play in the background

#StudySafer, Smarter, and Better

It can be hard to manage your time during college, even when there's not a pandemic! These resources will help you study smarter and better as well as #StudySafer.