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SLWK 311: Social Work and Oppressed Groups

Find Statistics

Do a Google Search (not Google Scholar) and restrict to the .gov domain


hate crimes refugees prevalence OR incidence OR statistics

gender employment discrimination statistics​ 2014..2018

If you don't find what you're looking for above, the Guide below provides options for searching population, education, health, economic and labor statistics at the national and state levels.

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Tips for Searching VCU Libraries

When you search the VCU Libraries collections you must capitalize the AND between words.  Try out a variety of terms and use truncation (*) where needed. For example:

  • ageism AND social work*
  • gender AND status
  • muslim female* AND stereotyp*
  • cultural difference* AND perception*
  • cultural diversity AND attitudes
  • LGBT social movement*
  • history AND transgender movement

NOTE: After you run a search, select "Material Type" Books.

Searching in the VCU Libraries: Part 1

Learn how to use the VCU Libraries Search.  To see how to narrow down your initial search, see Searching in the VCU Libraries: Part 2.