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ADMS 670: Administrative Internship I

Search Term Examples

Topics / Concepts:

  • supervision
  • leadership
  • "leadership effectiveness"
  • "transformative leadership"
  • "instructional leadership"
  • "professional development"
  • "inservice training"
  • "teacher improvement"
  • "instructional improvement"
  • "administrative change"
  • "organizational change"

Research Design:

  • "Evidence based"
  • "Control group"
  • "Randomized controlled trial" [or RCT]
  • Empirical
  • "Longitudinal study"
  • "Double blind"
  • "Research based"
  • "Best practices"
  • "Systematic review"
  • "Meta analysis"

School of Education Students

The best way for you to find appropriate library resources is through one of the two Blackboard collections designed especially for School of Education students. We recommend that you follow the instructions for self-enrolling as that will put the Blackboard resource you chose on your list of Courses in Blackboard. These resources do not expire, so they will be listed throughout your time at VCU. If you do not want to self-enroll, just click on the appropriate link below.

To self-enroll:

  1. Open Blackboard
  2. Log into your Blackboard account
  3. Select the Courses tab
  4. Type one of the course names above into the "Course Search" box, e.g. education master, education doctoral, and select "Go"
  5. Hover over the course name and click on the chevron [Menu Options:Course ID] and then on ENROLL
  6. On the Self Enrollment page, select SUBMIT

ADMS Program Area in Blackboard

In the Blackboard resource for Master's students, select Administration & Supervision (ADMS) in the Program Areas section for the databases and e-journals that will be of the most help to you in your program. Note that there are many other helpful resources linked from the left side of each page, e.g., Research Tips; Citations - APA / Tools; and Get It @ VCU / Interlibrary Loan.