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Use the audio studio at The Workshop

Listening or editing (not recording)


Set up the audio interface

The audio interface is the first thing you should turn on. It routes the signals to the correct places.

1 Turn on audio interface using power switch on back of interface

Log onto the computer using the public login
Username: vculpub
Password: [no password, leave blank]

3 Launch the Focusrite Control software by click on the icon in the dock.


Turning on

1 Turn on the Genelec speakers and Genelec subwoofer (subwoofer is located on the floor to the left of the desk)
2 On computer, in Focusrite Control, adjust the faders for Outputs 1 & 2

Accessing Nexis

To access Nexis

Nexis is a cloud drive that can be accessed on the Video and Audio Studio computers, as well as the video and audio editing stations in the main space. Nexis has a huge storage space (10 TB) and will not be deleted on restart. It is also useful to work between computers.

You have to manually log-in using these steps:

1 Open Avid NEXIS Client Manager (type Avid into search bar)
2 Double-click VCU-Nexis under Systems
3 Log-in info: username: student / password: n/a (leave blank)
4 Double-click VCU-Nexis under Workspaces

To access to the folder:

Open Finder → Under Devices on left side,


  Note: Anything saved to the desktop or anywhere else on the computer (other than Saves Drive and STUDENT VCU-NEXIS) will be deleted on restart

Removing room tone in Adobe Audition

To remove room tone in Adobe Audition

If you pick up on a sound you want to remove, for example the pesky service elevator, use these steps in Audition to remove it

1 Double-click your track to open it solo track mode

In the Spectral Display of the waveform (colorful lower section), select a section that contains only room tone and is at least half a second long

Note: View Spectral Display by clicking reddish box beside “Multitrack” in top left corner

3 Right click on the selection and choose Capture Noise Print
4 Deselect (so the effect will apply to the whole recording)
5 Choose EffectsNoise Reduction/RestorationNoise Reduction Process


Noise Reduction ~70%
Reduce by ~7 dB