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When I press record, nothing records

1 Is the audio interface on?
2 Is the audio interface plugged into the computer?
3 Is the microphone plugged in?
4 Does the microphone need phantom power (+48v)? Is phantom power turned on?
5 In Focusrite Control, under Device Settings, are you correctly set to MIC or LINE? (Use MIC when using an XLR cable, LINE when using ¼” cable)
6 Have you opened an audio application yet?
7 In Audition, go into Preferences → Audio Hardware - are the Default Input and Output set to Focusrite Thunderbolt?
8 Preferences → Audio Channel Mapping - under “Default Stereo Input” is the Mono channel set to the Input that your microphone or instrument is plugged into (on the audio interface)?

I can't hear anything in my headphones

1 Go through all above steps and verify that they are set
2 In Focusrite control, check the output faders
3 Raise the fader for the input channel that you are plugged into

I can't hear anything out of the speakers

1 Go through above steps and verify they are set
2 In Focusrite control, check the output faders
3 Raise the fader of the input channel you are plugged into
4 Raise the faders for output channels 1 and 2 (the Genelec speakers)
5 Check the volume levels on the physical speakers (on the front of the speakers, across from the power button)

Other Questions?


Need more help?

Please don’t hesitate to ask members of the Innovative Media department staff if you have any questions about the audio studio. The student employees at the front desk are available to help with immediate questions.

We can also be reached by email at, by phone at 804-827-3594, or in person in the lower level of Cabell Library. We look forward to working with you.