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The Makerspace at the Health Sciences Library

Cricut Maker 3 Specifications

  • Cuts up to 300+ materials, including fabric, leather, and wood.
  • Connects via USB or Bluetooth
  • Cutting area is 11.5" x 11.5"
  • Uses Cricut Design Space software, capable of processing .svg imported files or allowing users to choose from ready-to-make projects from the Design Space homepage. Design Space is free to download and use, although some of the ready-to-make projects require a paid premium account with Cricut Access.

More information on the Cricut Maker 3 cutting machine.

Using the Cricut


Add your design to the Design Space Canvas. 

1 Open Design Space and log in.

Open the menu by clicking on the three lines next to 'Home' in the top left corner, then click on 'Canvas.'


To start a new project, click on 'New'. To reopen a saved project, click on 'My Projects,' select the project you want to open, then click 'Make It.'

4 Add whatever you like to your design! You can upload your own files (.jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .svg, or .dxf), use preset shapes and images, or add existing project files from other users. Please note: some of the existing project files required a paid subscription to Cricut Access, which is not provided by the library.


Select your operation(s) and edit your design

1 Select your design (or parts of your design) and choose whether you want Cricut to cut, draw, score, etc., using the 'Operation' dropdown menu in the top toolbar.
2 If parts of your design overlap and you would like to weld them together into one design, select the parts you want to combine and use the Weld tool in the right-hand menu.
3 For help with more detailed editing in Design Space, view the Cricut Resources page.
4 Double-check that all pieces of your design have the correct operation assigned in the right-hand menu. If it all looks correct, you are ready to print!


Make it!

1 Once your design looks good, you are ready to print. Click the green 'Make It' button in the top right corner.
2 Confirm the mat size and the number of copies, then click 'Continue.'
3 Design space will then connect to the Maker 3. If the machine does not show up or you see a 'Please wait' message, make sure the machine is turned on by flipping up the top cover and pressing the power button. 
4 Follow the prompts to 'Set Base Material' to choose the material you are cutting. If you don't see the material or material weight you are using under 'Popular,' you can click 'Browse All Materials' and search for the correct one.
5 Load the tools and mat as prompted in Design Space. These tools will be automatically selected based on the Operations you chose above (cut, score, perforate, etc).
6 Press the flashing 'Go' button (with the Cricut logo) to start your print. 




If the Cricut is not cutting all the way through, or tears or drags material:

1 Double check that you have selected the correct material and material weight.
2 Check the pressure settings, which can be found on the Make page, after you select your material. For not cutting all the way through, change the pressure to 'More.' For tearing or dragging, change the pressure to 'Less.' 

If the Cricut roller bar is leaving marks on your material:

1 Move the white rings to one side so they do not run over your work area, but still grab the mat to pull it through.


Need more help?

Ask our at our service desk, consult the Cricut Maker 3 User Manual, the Cricut Troubleshooting Help Center, or check out the resources list for getting started on Cricut.