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PADM 691: Social Equity and Public Policy

Nia Rodgers

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Nia Rodgers
Public Affairs Research Librarian
(804) 828-8565
Cabell Library, Room 121

Search Term Examples

You may have to include government or non-profit as a search term.

  • bureaucracy
  • "central government"
  • "country comparison"
  • growth
  • "political development"
  • "political power"
  • "political science theories"
  • "public sector"
  • "corporate culture"
  • excellence
  • "high performing organizations"
  • "new governance"
  • performance
  • "organizational behavior"
  • disparities
  • inequalities
  • "social equity"
  • "social responsibility"
  • "information technology"

Sample Research terms
(Include these if there are many peer-reviewed results):

  • Best practices
  • Evidence-based
  • Empirical
  • Longitudinal


The following three databases cover many different subjects, but none in great depth. Very good for retrieving materials from other disciplines.