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Exhibit Art in the Tompkins-McCaw Library Gallery

The Tompkins-McCaw Library Gallery features original exhibits of visual art pertaining to the health sciences or created by students or professionals in health-sciences fields.

Gallery Policies and Procedures

Gallery Policy and Procedures:

Set Up

All artwork must be ready to display (i.e. mounted, framed, etc). Exhibitors will also be responsible for providing ready-to-mount labels and delivering the artwork to and from Tompkins-McCaw Library. Artwork will be returned only to the lender or duly authorized agent or representative with proper written permission. The Libraries reserve the right to dispose of artwork not picked up within 30 days of the closing of the exhibition and will not be held responsible for its safety in the interim.

Announcement and Promotion

VCU Libraries will promote exhibits through the library website, social media, VCU News, TelegRAM and other outlets as appropriate.

Security and Liability

Tompkins-McCaw Library will provide reasonable security measures for exhibitions. VCU Libraries accept no responsibility for damage to, or loss of, art pieces at any time while on display or while being transported to or from the Tompkins-McCaw Library. Virginia Commonwealth University does not provide insurance for artwork on exhibition. If the artist wishes to insure artwork, then it is the artist's responsibility.

Application Form

If you agree to these policies and procedures you may apply to display your visual art exhibit in the Tompkins-McCaw Library here:

Gallery Application Form