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IDES 251/651 Pattern Project

A multidisciplinary guide to assist your pattern research.

Research Tip

Parent companies will give you the most information in the business resources.

Researching a Company

Start your research with a company profile in a source like Hoover's. You may not find everything you need, but it should at least answer some key questions including:

  • What is the complete, official name of the company? This can be more difficult than it sounds sometimes. Try a search and note the stock ticker (if it has one) or the exact name for additional research.
  • Is the company a subsidiary? It may be a subsidiary of, wholly or partially owned by, a parent company. If so, you may only find information on the parent company.
  • Is the company publicly-held? Private companies aren't subject to the same regulations as publicly-held companies, and therefore don't have to produce the same documentation. There may be less information in traditional sources, and you'll have to try alternative search strategies.
  • Is the company a U.S. company? Unless the foreign-owned company is traded on a U.S. stock exchange, you'll have to try some alternative sources.

Business Resources