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ARTH 372: History of Photography

Innovative Media - The Workshop

Innovative Media

Innovative Media offers comprehensive multimedia resources and services. With state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, a makerspace, and editing lab for video, sound and graphics, our experienced staff will help you discover, learn and create.

  • Cabell Library, Lower Level
  • Development and Editing Computer Stations:
    • Scanning: Scan images, slides, negatives, transparencies and text.
    • Audio: Capture from phonograph, cassette, digital audiotape, scanner and other formats.
    • Video| Capture from VHS, DVD, camcorder and other formats. Export analog or digital video or burn to DVD or Blu-ray.
    • Software including ... Adobe Creative Suite, Apple Final Cut X, Maya, Sound Forge
  • Video and Audio Studios
  • Equipment for Loan including...
    Digital Cameras
    Audio Recorders
    Green Screen & Lights
  • Large Format / Poster Printing
  • Maker Space with 3-D printers, digital etching, sewing machines, electronics, modeling, and more
  • Gaming/Viewing Room

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