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Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality in The Workshop

The Workshop has a variety of tools and resources for creating content for and in Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality

Physical Location

Workshop logo red square.jpgThe Innovative Media department is located in The Workshop on the lower level of the James Branch Cabell Library.

901 Park Avenue, Suite 078

Sony Playstation VR in The Workshop

The PlayStation VR is available for in-house use to the VCU Community. If you need assistance beyond this guide, email or call 804.827.3594 to set up an appointment.

PS VR in use

Required for checkout: Gaming Studio, PS4 VR Case.

In the case you will find the PlayStation headset with an HDMI/USB extender, a Playstation DualShock Wireless controller with a USB extender, two Playstation Move controllers with USB charging cords.

The PlayStation VR does not have build in headphones, you will need to bring your own earbuds to plug into its 3.5mm jack situated in slim control pad in the headset cord, though sound should by default play through the monitor too.

Connecting the Playstation VR in the Gaming Studio

The PlayStation 4 Pro, the PlayStation VR Processor and the PlayStation Camera are already connected.

  1. Power up the display with the LG remote.
  2. Power on the PS4 (Power button is on left, CD Eject button is on right, CD insertion slot is on left).
  3. Push the PS4 button on the HDMI switcher.
  4. The PS Camera is sitting near the bottom left of the Alienware PC. Place it on the Velcro on the top of the PC, pointed towards the center of the room.
  5. The PS VR Processor is located on the shelf below the PS4. Push back the right side of it to reveal HDMI and USB slots.

The Controllers and Headset

  1. Whether you use the DualShock controller or the Move controllers depends on which game you play.  Whether you use them plugged in to the console or wirelessly will depend on their charge. It is easiest to begin with the DualShock for navigating menus and setup options.
  2. Plug the HDMI and USB ends on the headset into the PS VR Processor.
  3. Note the slim control pad on the cord about a foot from the headset. This has buttons for Power, Volume Up, Volume Down, Mute and the jack for earbuds.
  4. To adjust the headset to fit, release the spring-action side straps by pressing the large button on the back. Scrolling the wheel tightens it back. Also, adjust the facial fit with the black button on the bottom of the front.