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Library Instruction and Research Support: COVID-19

Library Instruction Online

If your class requires online library instruction, librarians at Cabell and Tompkins-McCaw Libraries can accommodate a session in a variety of ways. Your librarian will work with you to determine learning outcomes, technology options, and preferred date(s).

Locating Additional Course Materials

Library resources, from ebooks to multimedia to articles, may be used as course content and might include those you're already using in class. Visit our Library Resources as Course Materials guide for more information, including how to suggest ebook purchases and upgrades, and request licenses to stream media for your class.

Open Educational Resources (OER) may also be able to help. OER are teaching, learning, and research resources that are free of cost and made available without copyright or licensing restrictions limiting how they are used. They can be any type of resource, from textbooks to images to assessments or assignments. To learn more about OER, including how to find them, visit our OER guide or contact Jessica Kirschner, Open Educational Resources Librarian, at

Copyright and Moving Courses Online

There are many pedagogical and technical issues that make the shift from in-person to online teaching challenging, but for once, copyright is not a big additional area of worry! Most of the legal issues are the same in both contexts. If it was okay to do in class, it is often okay to do online, especially when your online access is limited to the same enrolled students.

For more details on copyright considerations as you move courses online, please refer to the guide on Copyright and Teaching. If you have questions, contact Hillary Miller at