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Sample Dance Citations - MLA Style


book chapter, print book
Lyons, Renee Critcher. "It Takes Two to Tango!" 
Revival of Banned Dances: A Worldwide Study. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2012. 192-204. Print.  
In-text citation: (Lyons 197) 

ebook  from the library
Tchernichova, Elena, and Joel Lobenthal. Dancing on Water: A Life, from the Kirov to the ABT. Boston: Northeastern UP, 2013. ProQuest 
ebrary. Web.
In-text citation:  (Tchernichova page number)

Anthologies, Reference Books, or Collections:  

Hilton, Wendy, Sandra Noll Hammond, and Richard Glasstone. "Ballet Technique, History of." The International Encyclopedia of Dance. NY: Oxford UP, 1998. Oxford Reference. 2005. Web. 
In-text citation:  (Hilton)

Souritz, Elizabeth. "Bolshoi Ballet." International Dictionary of Ballet. Ed. Martha Bremser. Detroit: St. James. 1993. 179-81. Print.
In-text citation: (Souritz page number)


Eliot, Karen.  ""A Little Business for the Eye": Insights into the London Career of an Eighteenth-Century Ballerina." Dance     Chronicle 301.1 (2007): 1-27. Web. 6 Nov. 2015. <Date of access>
In-text citation:  (Eliot page number)   

Note: you do not need to cite the database when the work also appears in print, but you could have included either of the database names Taylor & Francis. or JSTOR. after Web and prior to Date of access.

Greskovic, Robert. "Arts in Review -- Ballet: Two Russian Revelations." Wall Street Journal [NY: NY20 Nov. 2014: D.5. Print.  
print newspaper 
NOTE: If there are no page numbers in an online article, use "n.pag." to donate no pagination.


Sensuality & Nationalism in Romantic Ballet. Perf. includes dance of Fanny Elssler, Henri Jastamant, Chor., Manhatten Youth Ballet. Kentfield, CA: Dancetime Pub. 2012. DVD.
In-text citation: (Sensuality & Nationalism in Romantic Ballet)      

Note: If there is no known author use the title for the in-text citation.  Long titles can be shortened.

Royal Opera House. "Ballet Evolved - The First Four Centuries." With Ursala Hageli. Dancers:  Melissa Hamilton, Yasmine Naghdi, Romany Pajdak and Claire Calvert. Online video clip.  YouTube. YouTube, 14 Feb. 2013. Web. 6 Nov. 2015. 
In-text citation:  (Royal Opera House)  or  ("Ballet Evolved -- The First Four")  if multiple
worksbysame author, use title

Dance Theatre of Harlem. Features: Agnes de Mille, Arthur Mitchell, David Lamarche, Lester Horton, Markus Lethinen, and Robert North. Arthaus Musick, 1990. Kanopy. Web. 6 Nov. 2015.

Note:  List films by their title.  Include the name of the director (Dir.), the distributor, and release year.  If relevant, list performer or contributor names after the director.  Proceed with abbreviations at the head of the name list, such as Perf., Chor., Dancers, etc..  Also include significant performance groups, dates and location of performance.