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Cabell Library Floor Designations

Lower Level, First and Second Floors: Collaborative study, normal conversations allowed
Third Floor: Quiet study; whisper only, no audible headsets, no cell phone conversations
Fourth Floor: Silent study; no talking, no audible headsets, no cell phone conversations

Your VCU Libraries Liaison

Denise Smith
Registration Specialist and Information Associate  |  804-828-2465

Checklist for Borrowing Pass

  • Borrowers* will receive an email in August; reply to this email acknowledging your acceptance of our lending terms.
  • Download the High School Pass and registration form sent to you upon acceptance of the agreement. 
  • Email/drop off completed High School Passes and registration forms to Denise Smith at least 2 business days prior to borrowing. 
  • Each student or teacher should bring a photo ID to borrow materials. 
  • *Central Virginia high schools may request partner borrowing privileges by emailing Denise Smith. 

Checklist for Library Visits

Before your visit:

  • Confirm the date and time of your visit - you will receive a Google Calendar invitation which includes the room reserved.
  • If there are errors in the calendar entry, please contact Donna E. Coghill as soon as possible. 
  • If you need any assistance in preparing your library instruction lesson plan, Donna is happy to set up a meeting prior to assisting. She can show you the best tips for using the VCU Libraries Search and other resources to suit your needs. 
  • To help prepare for a building tour, Donna can also meet you in advance and offer tips for such a tour that you or a colleague would lead. 
  • The VCU Libraries classroom has a limited number of computers. You may want to ask students to bring their laptops or tablets. 
  • Determine your parking needs. (See box below)

During your visit:

  • A library staff member will meet your group in the classroom and make sure the technology is ready for your session. The room and resources are yours at that point so you may lead your library instruction session.
  • #203 is the classroom used for high school visits; please confirm with your Google Calendar invitation.
  • #203 has 30 computers available, or your students can utilize VCU's Guest Wireless via their personal devices. *Some school laptops limit guest wireless use; you may want to check prior to your visit.*
  • VCU Libraries can provide cards to assist your students in finding books on the shelf.
  • You are welcome to offer a building tour to your students. Please limit groups to touring the Lower Level, first, and second floors. The third floor is quiet study and the fourth is silent study; we request your groups to limit their time on those floors to finding books on the shelves, only. 
  • Your students may direct research, building, campus, and other questions to our first-floor service desk. 
  • Students and teachers will need to bring their books and passes to the first-floor service desk for check out.
  • Library staff will return to the classroom at the allotted end time to close out your room reservation. If your group needs to leave earlier, you must leave a librarian or chaperone in the classroom. Please alert someone at the first-floor service desk so we may attend to the technology and lock the doors. 
  • You may not leave the room unattended. 

We look forward to seeing you and your students at Cabell Library!

Parking and Campus Maps

You may be able to arrangements with the VCU Police to block spaces on a street near Cabell Library, usually W. Main St. If you are driving a car or smaller van, you may want to use the West Broad Parking Deck.