Find Art & Design Images

What is ARTstor?

ARTstor is a nonprofit digital library of more than one million images in the arts, architecture, humanities, and social sciences 
with a suite of software tools to view, present, and manage images for research and pedagogical purposes.

Downloading ARTstor Images

Please note: You must be a registered user in order to download an image.

  1. Log in to your ARTstor account.
  2. Double-Click the image thumbnail to open the image.
  3. Click the Save icon  in the lower right hand corner.
  4. Accept the ARTstor Terms and Conditions.
  5. Follow the prompts and DO NOT rename the file at this time (it will corrupt the file).
  6. When it has downloaded, you will have two files: a JPEG of the image and an HTML file with all of the associated image data. You can now rename your image.