Guide to resources that are useful when it comes to the study and practice of nursing.

Health Science Call Numbers

RT Nursing

R1 Medicine (general)

R111.M489 MCV campus theses/dissertations

RA Public aspects of medicine

RB Pathology

RC1 Internal Medicine (general). Examination/diagnosis. Emergency med.

RC91 Diseases caused by physical/chemical agents

RC254 Oncology. Tuberculosis

RC321 Neuropsychiatry

RC581 Diseases of individual systems, regions of the body

RC952 Other specialties (e.g.,geriatrics, tropical, sports medicine)

RD Surgery

RE Ophthalmology

RF Otorhinolaryngology

RG Gynecology and obstetrics

RJ Pediatrics

RK Dentistry

RL Dermatology

RM Therapeutics. Pharmacology

RS Pharmacy and materia medica

RT Nursing

RV Homeopathy, Osteopathy, and other systems of medicine

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JHEBP Model Books and Other Useful EBP Books

The VCU Health System has adopted the Johns Hopkins Model for evidence-based practice. There are electronic versions of the two key texts covering this model

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