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PADM 609: Financial Management in Government

Search Term Examples

Be sure to include government OR "public sector" when searching for general fiscal topics

Topics / Concepts

  • "public finance"
  • "governmental spending"
  • "fiscal policy"
  • "financial reporting"
  • "governmental accounting"
  • "government purchasing"
  • "federal budget"
  • "national debt"
  • "tax rates"
  • "government bonds"
  • "state government"
  • "state budgets"
  • "local government"

Nia Rodgers

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Nia Rodgers
Public Affairs Research Librarian
(804) 828-8565
Cabell Library, Room 121

1. Internal / Operational Aspects

2. Legal Sources

3. Multidisciplinary

The following three databases cover many different subjects, but none in great depth. Very good for retrieving materials from other disciplines.