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Painting and Printmaking

This guide provides an overview of tools and basics for conducting library research in Painting and Printmaking.

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Use these call numbers to browse for books at the Cabell Library:

NE 1-3002 -- Print Media

NE 1-978 -- Printmaking and Engraving

NE 218-330 -- Engraved portraits. Self-portraits

NE 380 -- Conservation and Restoration of prints

NE 400-773 -- History of Printmaking

NE 1000-1352 -- Wood Engraving

NE 1400-1879 -- Metal Engraving

NE 1940-2232.5 -- Etching and Aquatint

NE 2236-2240.6 -- Serigraphy

NE 2242-2246 -- Monotype (Printmaking)

NE2250-2570 -- Lithography

Printmaking History

Printmaking Technique