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Public Administration

Finding Books

Use VCU Libraries Advanced Search to look for print and electronic books in our collection.

Select 'books' as the Material Type

Change 'any' to 'in the title' and enter one to three key words that should be in the title. For example: public administration; crime policy; goverenment accounting; public policy. This kind of search should quickly connect you with promising titles.

Note the call number, e.g., (JF1351 .H274). Books on similar subjects are clustered together, so when you reach the JF1351 area, look for other books with that beginning number.

Click on Details to see possible additional terms, e.g., subjects, contents.

Most public administration books in Cabell Library are located on the 3rd floor. However, they could be located in the specific topic area, e.g., crime, urban planning, education, rather than the general public administration area. Use the Library of Congress Classification link below to see classes for broad subject areas. Click first on a Class, and then on a Subclass, e.g., JK, to open the Library of Congress outline of subjects with the corresponding call number ranges.

When We Don't Have What You Need

If you can't find the book, article, or dissertation that you want at VCU, try these resources to find what you need.