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When you click on the button, you will be prompted for your eID and password. Then you will be passed to RefWorks to log into your account.

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VCU Libraries' RefWorks Subscription Ended August 31, 2018

ALERT: VCU Libraries no longer subscribes to RefWorks as of August 31, 2018

Allowing the subscription to expire was not an easy decision as RefWorks has many outstanding capabilities as a reference management tool. However, in the face of declining usage and the maturation of free or low cost tools providing the same or similar features there is little or no justification for continuing to pay the significant annual cost of the RefWorks subscription.

RefWorks is not offering individual subscription access at this time, so current RefWorks users will need to select a different citation management tool.

RefWorks: What to do after August 31, 2018

If you upgraded to the new version of RefWorks, you can log into your RefWorks account and export your citations. Much of the functionality in your RefWorks accounts will be turned off after August 31 (e.g. importing, Write-n-Cite, etc.), but exporting should continue to function as usual. Below are some exporting tips:

  1. If you are using folders, we recommend exporting folder-by-folder, otherwise you will lose your organizational structure.
  2. Attachments will not export with your references. Be sure you have the attached files stored somewhere.
  3. If you have formatted notes in the Personal Notes field or in one or more customized fields, you can save the formatting by copying the note into a blank Word document. Copy the note from Word into the new citation tool.

Legacy RefWorks users (i.e. old Refworks) will need to email to ask technical support to export your citations for you. Please note that attachments cannot be exported. We recommend emailing technical support using the email address associated with your RefWorks account and mentioning the usernames for the accounts you’d like exported.

Write-N-Cite: What to do after August 31

Word documents that used Write-N-Cite should still be readable but none of the citations will be editable. If you were in the middle of working on a paper, you will need to reinsert your citations using your new citation management tool of choice (e.g. Mendeley, Zotero). For completed documents, you may want to consider saving a second draft with Write-N-Cite’s field codes removed to prevent potential issues, but it’s not necessary — the documents should continue to be readable.