VCU Libraries

Research Guides

Use RefWorks

Create a RefWorks Account

Select the Home tab on the left.

  1. Select the Log in to access RefWorks button
  2. Select Sign up for a new account
  3. Follow the prompts - you will be asked to enter a login name and password and to select your Focus Area and User Type

Note: You must use a VCU email account address - VCU, VCU Health System, VCU Qatar. Other accounts will not work.

Create a Folder

Folders are an easy way to organize references. Name your folders whatever makes sense to you: course number, topic, purpose, methodology, etc. You may create folders at any time, and your references can be in multiple folders at the same time.

Create a folder in your RefWorks account:

  1. Select the New Folder button OR the folder icon.
  2. Enter [your folder name] and select Create.
  3. [your folder name] now appears in the Folders section on the left.

Export References from a Database into RefWorks

Run a search in a VCU Libraries database. Follow the exporting instructions for the database to export selected references into your RefWorks account. Instructions for nearly all our databases are linked from the Exporting tabs on the left. NOTE: If you are asked to choose between legacy RefWorks and new RefWorks, choose legacy RefWorks.

Assign References to a Folder

The references you just exported are in the Last Imported folder. This is a temporary holding folder, so you need to assign your references to a permanent folder before you do another search and export.

  1. Select All in List
  2. Drag and drop to the appropriate folder OR select the Folder icon and choose the folder name
  3. The folder you selected now appears in the Folders field for each of your references

Create a Bibliography after Writing Your Paper

  1. Open your RefWorks account
  2. Open the folder that has the references you used in your paper; select all in list
  3. Select Create Bibliography
  4. Select the citation style you are using, e.g., APA 6th
  5. Select Word as the File Type [note that you have other choices if you are not using Word]
  6. Select Create Bibliography

If you allow your browser to display popups, Word will open and your draft References list will appear.

If you have blocked popups, a green Completed box will open in the lower right of your screen. Select the 'click here' link located next to the words download prompt. Click on or browse to the downloaded file. It will be named [your login name]-RefList.doc.

This is a DRAFT bibliography. You must proof it and correct any errors in capitalization, punctuation, or formatting. When you are finished, add the bibliogrraphy to your paper: copy and paste; OR merge the files; OR print it separately