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Use Create Bibliography

If you have just a few sources, an easy way to get them into your paper is to type the in-text citations yourself. Keep the references together inside RefWorks in a single folder. When you have finished the paper, log into RefWorks and select CREATE BIBLIOGRAPHY. Follow the prompts to select the folder with the references. RefWorks will create the bibliography in your choice of formats: RTF, Word for Mac, Word for Windows, or OpenOffice Writer (.odt). Copy and paste, or otherwise attach the bibliography to your paper.

Use One line/Cite View

One line/Cite View is one of several ways you can use RefWorks to insert in-text citations/footnotes into your paper and produce a bibliography of your citations. This option is independent of the type of word processing application you are using and the operating system of your computer. It will work on any computer that provides access to your paper and to RefWorks, and with any type of word processing program that can save a document as an .rtf, .doc, docx, or .odt file.

Use Write-N-Cite

Write-N-Cite is another way RefWorks can insert in-text citiatons/footnotes into your paper. It is a very small plug-in for Microsoft Word. Access to your references in RefWorks is provided by a small toolbar in Word.

The plug-in is dependent upon the version of Word you are using and the version of your operating system, Windows or Mac. When you have finished your paper, RefWorks will read your in-text citations/footnotes, and produce a second copy of your paper, this one formatted and with the bibliography attached.

Please contact RefWorks if you are having trouble with Write-N-Cite: call 1-800-521-0600 ext 74440 or 1-734-997-4440; or email