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SPCH 121: Effective Speech

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Ted Shawn in Cosmic Dance of Siva during Ziegfield Follies T...

Ted Shawn in Cosmic Dance of Siva during Ziegfield Follies Tour.. 1928. Denishawn Collection, New York Public Library.  Flickr Commons

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Innovative Media

Innovative Media

Innovative Media offers comprehensive multimedia resources and services. With state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, a makerspace, and editing lab for video, sound and graphics, our experienced staff will help you discover, learn and create.

  • Cabell Library, Lower Level
  • Development and Editing Computer Stations:
    • Scanning: Scan images, slides, negatives, transparencies and text.
    • Audio: Capture from phonograph, cassette, digital audiotape, scanner and other formats.
    • Video| Capture from VHS, DVD, camcorder and other formats. Export analog or digital video or burn to DVD or Blu-ray.
    • Software including ... Adobe Creative Suite, Apple Final Cut X, Maya, Sound Forge
  • Video and Audio Studios
  • Equipment for Loan including...
    Digital Cameras
    Audio Recorders
    Green Screen & Lights
  • Large Format / Poster Printing
  • Maker Space with 3-D printers, digital etching, sewing machines, electronics, modeling, and more
  • Gaming/Viewing Room

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