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About the Emergency Preparedness Guide

The free resources collected here can be used for individual research, clinical practice, interdisciplinary training, keeping abreast with public health issues and statistics as well as continuing education. The guide provides links to emergency preparedness resources that are openly available without subscription.

Open access is the practice of providing unrestricted access via the Internet to peer-reviewed scholarly  journal articles, and increasingly to theses, scholarly monographs and book chapters.

This project reflects the NIH Public Access Policy and the National Library of Medicine's many open access information resources.

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Marking the 30th year of the Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) Program administered by HRSA, the journal, Clinical Pediatric Emergency Medicine, dedicated its March 2014 issue to a variety of EMSC topics. Fifteen HRSA-funded articles, covering topics from trauma care to prehospital care of children with special health care needs, are available without subscription online here.

This issue of Clinical Pediatric Emergency Medicine

  • Defines EMS for Children encompassing the entire continuum including prevention, prehospital care, hospital care, rehabilitation, and return to society and the medical home;
  • Helps to ensure that interventions performed in the prehospital setting will improve outcomes;
  • Focuses on prehospital pain management, psychosocial determinants of outcomes, transport safety, and provider well-being in dealing with children;
  • Examines new technologies and their potential applications to caring for ill and injured children in the out-of-hospital setting; and
  • Provides an update on advancements in the field as a follow up to the 2006 HRSA-funded Institute of Medicine report, "Emergency Care for Children: Growing Pains." 

Please feel free to share the above information with your colleagues and stakeholders.

Getting Started

When searching for journal articles on Emergency preparedness and response, please use the following search terms to get good results:

Emergency management      
Domestic preparedness           
subversive activities
Fire management
Fire prevention
crisis management


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