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UNIV 112 Resources for Faculty

Resources, information, and tools for faculty teaching UNIV 112.


Purpose of this guide:

Student Success librarians offer library instruction to UNIV 200 classes only; however, we are happy to work with faculty teaching 111 and 112 in a "train the trainer" capacity: we can help you with assignment creation, suggest the best tools and activities for your students, and provide research consultations for your students. We also provide Designated Librarians for all Focused Inquiry faculty who teach UNIV 111, 112, and 200. So, in addition to this guide, feel free to reach out to your Designated Librarian for additional assistance. 

This guide will provide many activities, lesson plans, videos, PowerPoints, and other resources Focused Inquiry faculty will need to teach information fluency skills to their UNIV 112 classes. Some of the tools on this guide are designed so that you can make a copy of them and adapt them to suit your needs. If you need help or suggestions, please contact your Designated Librarian.

If you have any general questions or concerns about this guide or how librarians can help your students, please contact Jenny Stout at or your Designated Librarian.

Please watch this short video that gives an overview of the Guide:

Important links for UNIV faculty and students