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INTL 101: Human Societies and Globalization

Humanities Research Librarian

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John Glover
(804) 828-6555
Cabell Library, Room 121F

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Welcome to the research guide for Human Societies and Globalization, where you'll find resources to help you locate international studies material.

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Is there an International Studies database?

The answer to this is both "yes" and "no." VCU Libraries does subscribe to PAIS International, which contains international literature on public affairs, public and social policies, and international relations. It is not a comprehensive resource. Because International Studies is such a broad area of study, you could wind up using dozens of the databases to which VCU Libraries subscribes to carry out your research. PAIS is one starting point, but no database is a one-stop tool for all research in a field, especially one as broad as international relations.

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