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WRLD 203: Cultural Texts and Context: Afro-Latino Culture


Welcome to the research guide for WRLD 203-002, where you'll find resources to help you locate material on Afro-Latino Culture.

Best Bets

Try copying one or the other of these strings into the search boxes in the databases below, for a look at resources tied to the topics that many of you are pursuing: 

Identity AND Latin* AND (migra* OR immigra*) AND (youth* OR teenage* OR children)

identity and (Latine OR Latinx) AND youth AND (belonging OR struggl* OR discrimin* OR prejud*)

Suggested Keywords

Think creatively about your search terms! Afro-Latina, Afro-Latino, or Afro-Latin* are good terms to start with, but that's comparatively new terminology. If you searches aren't proving successful, you might also try:

  • Afro-Latino
  • Afro-Latin American
  • Afro-Hispanic
  • Black Hispanic
  • Black Latino
  • Afro- or Black [ETHNIC/NATIONAL GROUP]
  • Black Puerto Rican
  • Afro-Cuban
  • In the case of black from the Dominican Republic use the term Indio.

[List adapted from this source.]

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Where Else Can I Search?

Here are some good places to start your research on all things Afro-Latino/a. If you are looking for information about famous Afro-Latinos/as, try looking in databases that are specific to your subject area. E.G. Information about the author Nancy Morejon can be found in the database MLA International Bibliography, which you can find on our Databases A-Z list. For more tips on where to get started, you can try this page, which has starting points for different subject areas. If the full text is not available in the database, use the Get It @ VCU link to access the full text of articles.


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