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BIOZ 151 / BIOZ 152: Biological Science Lab

Search VCU Libraries


151 Sample Searches

Begin a search at VCU Libraries Search. Try an idea from the list or try a combination of terms. Think about the topic and how it interests you, then add your ideas to the search.

Search ideas:

  • seed germination AND salts
  • seed germination AND magnesium chloride
  • (buckwheat OR Fagopyrum esculentum ) AND germination AND salts
  • (buckwheat OR Fagopyrum esculentum ) AND germination AND magnesium chloride

Refine results:

  • show only: peer reviewed journals
  • document type: articles
  • select subject(s)

152 Sample Searches

For primary research sources try VCU Libraries Search, Web of Science, or ScienceDirect:

Search ideas:

  • "bean beetle" OR "callosobruchus maculatus"
  • oviposition (choose a secondary term that fits your goal)
  • substrate preference
  • ("bean beetle" OR "callosobruchus maculatus") AND oviposition AND (choice OR preference)

Refine results:

  • document type: article
  • subject: life sciences


The VCU Libraries search can be an effective way to begin biology research. Search with your key terms, then refine the results with the facets on the left side bar. To limit your research to scientific databases try your search in one of the databases featured here.

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