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Common Book Program: Rising

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VCU's Common Book

Learn more about the VCU Common Book program and events on campus.

Copies in VCU Libraries
Copies of Rising: Dispatches from the New American Shore will be available early summer from both Cabell Library on the Monroe Park Campus and the Health Sciences Library on the MCV Campus.

Book Review from Los Angeles Review of Books:
“With tasteful and dynamic didactic language, [Rush] informs the layperson about the imminent threat of climate change while grounding the massive scope of the problem on heartfelt human and interspecies connection.”

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Accessing, Navigating, and Downloading the Rising Ebook

Accessing the Rising Ebook

  • Search for "Rising: dispatches from the new American shore"

  • Click the green "Access Online" link below the book's title

  • Click the blue "EPUB Full Text" link on the left hand side of your screen

Navigating to a Particular Section within the Rising Ebook

  • Go to a particular chapter by clicking the chapter title on the left hand side of your screen

  • While reading, advance from page to page by clicking the blue navigation arrows  at the bottom of your screen

Downloading Parts of the Rising Ebook to Read Offline

  • Click the gray Save Pageslink at the top of your screen

  • Provide the range of pages you'd like to download

  • Click the yellow "Save PDF" link

  • NOTE: while the ebook platform indicates a maximum of 100 pages may be downloaded/printed, the ebook platform's method of counting pages differs from the page counts used in the book. Downloading/printing the cover and the next 99 pages will include the full text through the end of the Afterword. To download/print the remaining pages (the Notes and About the Author sections), close the ebook browser tab, then access the ebook again using the above instructions and download/print the remaining pages.