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Identify Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Sources

Learn about primary, secondary, and tertiary sources.

Questions and sample resources

Do billions of Earth-like planets really exist?

Primary Source Secondary Source Tertiary Source

NASA, ESA, & Kalas, P. (2008, November 13). HST ACS/HRC wide view of Fomalhaut b planet in 2004 and 2006. Retrieved from

(an original digital image from the Hubble telescope)

Earth-Like Planets. (2007). Science, 318(5848), 165d.

(an article discussing the subject and the possibilities)


J. Schneider, “Interactive Extrasolar Planets Catalog,” The Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia, .

(a catalog of discovered planets)


Feminism vs. Patriotism: a comparison of the effects of contemporary political climates on the origin stories of Wonder Woman.

Primary Source Secondary Source Tertiary Source

“Wonder Woman: The Secret Origin of Wonder Woman no. 237, NOV 1977,” VCU Libraries Gallery, accessed May 22, 2015,

(a digitized view of the original comic)

Smithsonian Institution. "The Real-Life Lady Who Inspired Wonder Woman." Smithsonian Channel. SNI/SI Networks L.L.C, May 2015. Web. 02 June 2015.

(a video interview of a scholarly discussion of the comic)

Lepore, J. (2014). The secret history of Wonder Woman (First ed.).

(a book compiling information and interpretation from various sources)


Does campaign-related social networking increase the offline political participation of college students?

Primary Source Secondary Source Tertiary Source

Rice, L., Moffett, K., & Madupalli, R. (2013). Campaign-related social networking and the political participation of college students, Social Science Computer Review, 31(3), 257-279.  

(an original study)

Donnelly-Smith, L. (2008). Political Engagement in the Age of Facebook: Student Voices. Peer Review, 10(2/3), 37-39.  

(An article presenting student interviews)

Noor Al-Deen, H., & Hendricks, John Allen. (2012). Social media : Usage and impact. Lanham, Md.: Lexington Books.

(a book that compiles information from many studies)


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