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Request Materials

Status Explanations

ILLiad uses the statuses listed below to track requests and to manage the workflow. This list of statuses includes both the actions of the user as well as Resource Sharing and Delivery (RSD) staff. Library users may use these to determine the location of a request at any given time.

To determine the status of your ILLiad request, log into your ILLiad account. Your outstanding requests will display.

Your request status will change frequently for tracking and workflow control purposes.

Explanations for ILLiad statuses
Status Explanations
Awaiting Conditional Processing A lending library has placed a condition/restriction on this request and is awaiting staff's response.
Awaiting Copyright Clearance The article request must be reviewed to determine if any copyright fees need to be paid. These fees are paid by the library.
Awaiting Document Provider Processing Staff have determined in the copyright clearance process that the copyright fees must be paid and the only method available to do so is through a commercial document provider.
Awaiting Document Delivery Processing This item is available in VCU Libraries and will be retrieved and processed for delivery.

Awaiting Extensive Searching

The requested item could not be identified during the initial search. More extensive searching will now be done to try to identify the item and/or lenders.
Awaiting Other DocDel Processing RSD staff sent you an email with a question about your request and are awaiting your reply.
Awaiting Post Receipt Processing The requested item has been received, but is not yet ready for you.
Awaiting Request Processing This request has gone through the copyright clearance process, if necessary. It is now ready to be searched and requested from potential lenders.
Awaiting Return Label Printing You have returned this item. Staff are preparing it for return to the lending library.
Awaiting Unfilled Processing The requested item was not filled by any of the possible lending libraries that RSD staff have sent it to so far. RSD staff will identify additional potential lenders and submit the request again unless your Not Wanted After date has expired.
BLOCKED: Owes Damage Fee You have returned this interlibrary loan item with damage and the lending library has charged a damage fee. You owe a damage fee.
BLOCKED: Owes Lost Fee The interlibrary loan item is over 14 days overdue and declared lost. Your library accounts will remain blocked until the lost fee is paid, or the overdue item returned and processing fee paid.
BLOCKED: Owes Lost Processing Fee You have returned this overdue interlibrary loan item. Your library accounts will remain blocked until the $25 lost processing fee is paid.
Cancelled by ILL Staff RSD staff have cancelled the request. You have received an email explaining the reason for cancellation.
Checked Out to Customer This interlibrary loan item is currently checked out to you; or you have been notified that it is ready to be picked up; or you have been notified that this item has been shipped to you.
Delivered to Web The requested article has been posted to your ILLiad account where it may be viewed and/or downloaded as a PDF. Articles remain in your ILLiad account for 30 days.
Holds/Recalls This item has been recalled from its current borrower and will be provided to you upon its return.
In DD Stacks Searching This item is available in the VCU Libraries collection and staff are searching for it.
In Electronic Delivery Processing The article has been received and is waiting for staff to deliver it electronically.
In Transit to Pickup Location This item has been located or received and is being prepared for you.
Renewal Request Pending You have requested to renew the item, and staff are awaiting a response from the lending institution.
Request Finished The entire request process has been successfully completed. Requests with this status are archived under "View Request History" of your ILLiad record.
Request in Processing A staff member is currently processing this request.
Request Sent This request has been sent to possible lenders and RSD staff are waiting for the item to be shipped to VCU Libraries.
Requested-Waiting for Item RSD staff have requested this item from the VCU Library Cataloguing department and are awaiting its delivery.