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SLWK 313: Person in Society

Suggested Titles

Check to see if VCU owns titles on this list. If not, search for a used copy, or try the options below.

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Use Interlibrary Loan

If the book you need is checked out or missing or is not on the shelf – OR - if you identify a memoir you’d like to read that is not in the Libraries’ collection,request a copy through Interlibrary Loan   Note: it may take 1-4 weeks for books to arrive so start early.

Quicker Options

If you can't find the book you want at VCU, you may be able to check them out locally.

Paper 3 - locating a memoir

Read and analyze a memoir, biography, journalistic account of an individual or group who experienced the social problem.
  • Start early to locate the memoir.
  • You may be able to acquire what you need through the library.
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Google Advanced Search

The Google Advanced Search option lets you search more precisely and filter out unwanted content.

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