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Start with Social Work Abstracts - or with any database on the left that makes sense for your topic. You may need to search more than one to find what you need. One way to do that from any of the EBSCO databases below is to use the "Choose Database" option. Select several relevant databases or select  "All." 

Finding Interventions

Intervention articles typically include 4 components

  • The POPULATION and/or PROBLEM of interest
  • An INTERVENTION designed to address the problem
  • A way to COMPARE the before and after
  • The OBJECTIVES; the outcomes that are anticipated if the intervention is successful.


When you start searching the literature, keep  these questions in mind:


  • What types of interventions have been implemented among populations with this problem? Examples include cognitive therapy, some other type of psychotherapy, or counseling, or some form of client education or skills development...
  • What were the desired outcomes - what was the social worker/ clinician working with this population hoping to change?
  • What were the actual outcomes? Did the intervention and/or specific aspects of the intervention work?  What there a control group as the basis for comparison? For example, was there a wait list? Were clients given a pretest posttest?  Was the intervention part of an intensive case study? What did the authors conclude about the efficacy of the intervention? 
  • How does one type of intervention with this population differ from another intervention? Does one seem more suitable, culturally competent, or effective?

NOTE: For best results search across ALL EBSCO Databases 

Your searches should look something like these:

Expand your results by using synonyms for your major search terms. For example:

  • eating disorder* or anorexia or bulimia or disordered eating or binge eating disorder
  • therapy or counseling or treatment or intervention
  • pretest or control group
  • If necessary, add United States to the search to eliminate irrelevant information

For more targeted results. try searching in the Abstract or Title Field.