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Advance Your Research

Workshops for graduate students and other advanced researchers designed to help make your research process better, faster and smarter.

Webinars: 2013 - 2017

Personal Branding: Building your professional platform - Carla-Mae Crookendale

Learn why personal branding is important for career advancement in any field. Discover strategies and resources to refine your brand.

Publish as a Graduate Student​​ - Hillary Miller

This webinar will walk you through the entire publishing process: selecting the right work and the right publication venue, submitting your work to a publisher, responding to peer review comments, signing publication agreements and promoting your publication efforts.

Getting Started with Systematic Reviews - John Cyrus

An introductory workshop on planning and conducting a systematic review. Topics include creating a protocol, the investigator's role and how librarians can help throughout the process.

How to Start Your Lit Review - John Glover

Based on one of our most popular sessions, you will learn basic techniques for locating literature, tracking down citations and putting it all together.

Data Visualization - Martha Roseberry

Explore tools, tips and best practices to create data visualizations for a paper, poster or presentation.

Your "Aha!" Moment - Carla-Mae Crookendale

Learn about library resources that will help you think creatively and convert your research into new ideas.

Make an Impact: How to Find the Right Journal for Your Research - Julie Arendt

Find out what an Impact Factor is and what it is not, and how to use it and other techniques and resources to find the right journal for your research

Learn to Love Your Lit Review - Nita Bryant and John Glover

This online session will cover how to locate the important literature on your topic, track down citations and organize them effectively.