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Find (Business) Case Studies

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Case Method Analysis

The case method of analysis is common in Business Schools offering students the opportunity to analyze and react to real-life business situations. This guide covers how you can find case studies using library resources.

Business School Cases

The Harvard Business School is a popular publisher of cases, and there are many other schools including the Darden School of Business and Stanford Graduate School of Business known for their cases.

Unfortunately, these cases are rarely if ever available for free, but you might find them in a course pack, and you can purchase them directly from sources like Harvard Business Publishing. Luckily, there are some other options that will help you locate case studies using library resources.

Find Cases at the Library

We have a number of sources that include cases. Typically, you should be able to use the actual phrase "case studies" or "case method" in your search particularly when searching a business database. It may also pick up articles discussing the use of case studies, so you should also look for a document type filter if available. Even so, you'll get a lot of results.

Search tip: To narrow your search, consider focusing on a particular company, a CEO, or a concept (like creativity, ethics, or entrepreneurship).