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CHEM 693: Chemistry Perspectives and Ethics

This course will prepare graduate students for a career in the physical sciences and develop competency in the responsible conduct of research in both ethical and safety standpoints.

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American Chemical Society Style

ACS Style is the standard for publications of the American Chemical Society (ACS). The emphasis is on chemistry, but the style is used in other science and engineering disciplines.

 The ACS Style Guide: Effective Communication of Scientific Information. 3rd edition. is the authoritative source for how to write and cite using ACS style.

Citation Management Tools

Citation Management tools let you keep track of your notes for your references and have plug-ins for word processing programs to create draft versions of your citations. For ACS style, these plug-ins are especially helpful because they will renumber your references automatically when you rearrange your paragraphs.

Avoiding Plagiarism

Check these links at the Online Writing Lab at Purdue for plagiarism resources.

Avoiding Plagiarism.

Is It Plagiarism?

Safe Practices.

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