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Copyright for Creators


VCU Libraries provides faculty, researchers, and students with informative resources that can help guide them in the responsible and confident use of copyrighted works and encourage them to exercise their fair use rights. However, we do not provide legal advice. For legal advice, please consult the Office of University Counsel.

Copyright for Creators Workshop Series, 2017-18

Presenter: Hillary Miller, VCU Libraries

Find Your Digital Materials

Finding free and openly licensed digital images, audio, video, data and more. How to analyze what you can and can't do with different digital materials based on copyright, open licenses, and website terms and conditions.

Presenter: Hillary Miller, VCU Libraries

Creators' Rights

The copyright basics that all creators need to know, including: exclusive rights granted to creators; copyright registration -- how and why; managing copyrights with co-creators; and sharing your copyrighted works.

Presenter: Hillary Miller, VCU Libraries

Make Use of Fair Use

A workshop on fair use, a doctrine in United States copyright law that permits certain uses of copyrighted works without permission from the copyright holder.

Presenter: Hillary Miller, VCU Libraries

Navigate the Permissions Process

A workshop on navigating the copyright permissions process: identifying and contacting copyright owners, requesting and negotiating permissions.

Copyright for Creators Workshop Series, 2016-17

Presenter: (former) VCU University Counsel Madelyn Wessel

Copyright 1.0: Overview of Copyright
This sessions explores:

  • CopyRIGHTS of authors/creators
  • Copyright exceptions including educational rights and fair use
  • Registering and protecting your work
  • Creative Commons and other tools for sharing
  • Copyright infringement actions and liabilities

Copyright 2.0: Web, Arts and Multimedia Issues
This session explores:

  • Using images and other media in class versus on the web
  • License agreements and Terms of Use
  • Deep dive into transformative uses of art
  • Reuse of sound and film recordings

Copyright 3.0: Scholarly Communications
This session explores:

  • Reuse of images in scholarly publications
  • Publishing and media agreements
  • Protecting author's rights and open access

Copyright Books