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Drugs and Alcohol: Open Access to Research

What is Grey Literature?

Grey Literature is a valuable supplement to peer reviewed literature in addictions. Authored by researchers and practitioners in all levels of government, universities, corporations, research organizations, NGOs, and professional organizations, grey literature includes:  country profiles, data & statistics, clinical trial registries, policy documents, in-depth reports, white papers, more.

The Agencies tab on this guide lists agencies and organizations that provide valuable grey literature to researchers, treatment providers, policy makers and other stakeholders working in the field.


The search engines below enable you to search across multiple intergovernmental or non-governmental agencies simultaneously. for grey literature.

IGO Search Engine

Search Tips (try variations - with/without dates; search phrases with/without quotation marks):

  • ​"drug trafficing"  brazil 2013..2018
  • country profile illicit drugs south africa 
  • cannabis market Uruguay 2013..2018
  • new psychoactive substances caribbean
  • " inter-agency coordination"  "drug control"  2012..2018

NGO Search Engine

Search Tips:

The NGO search engine is a good resource for identifying stakeholder interests

  • "south africa"  "drug companies"  policy 2013..2018
  • uruguay marijuana civil society
  •  brazil "evidence-based" "substance use disorders" treatment