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VCU Libraries: Maps in Special Collections and Archives

Finding maps in Special Collections and Archives

Unfortunately, VCU Libraries doesn't have a single list of physical maps since we have many different types of maps and don't have a dedicated map collection. But we do have some places you can turn:

  1. Published maps and atlases are cataloged and can be found through the VCU Libraries search box. Users can search for a specific topic or for map and atlas, using the Library filter to narrow your search to Cabell Library--Special Collections and Archives. There is also a separate facet for Cabell Library--Special Collections and Archives--Oversize, so both should be checked. F
  2. We also have many maps that are part of archival collections. Some are described at the item level and can be found by search archive finding aids. While we usually recommend ArchivesSpace for searches, in this case, I think it's easier to use Virginia Heritage and limit the search using the Publisher facet to Virginia Commonwealth University, Cabell Library.  But both ArchivesSpace and Virginia Heritage are worth checking!
  3. We also have lots of maps that are printed within various publications such as reports and Urban Planning master's projects -- even in book art. We also have maps in archival collections that are not described at the item level (which are most of our collections). These are not as easy to find by format but are usually located within a specific line of inquiry.

If you're unfamiliar with VCU's Special Collections and Archives, we have a new guide to Primary Source Research in Special Collections and Archives which might be helpful.


Further help

If you want more help with finding physical maps in Special Collections and Archives at VCU, here is their contact info:


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