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Use Google for My Research

When Should I Use Google Scholar?

  • If you have a partial or suspect citation that you want to identify
    • Google Scholar accepts all content and finds the best match for it
  • If you are a researcher not affiliated with any academic institution
    • Google Scholar can help you find free scholarly literature online
  • If you have exhausted the electronic resources associated with your subject of interest
    • Google Scholar can uncover new, relevant material in areas you do not ordinarily search
  • If you prefer to use Google as an entry point for access to VCU's electronic resources
    • Google Scholar is most useful when customized to work with VCU Libraries resources
  • If you are searching for materials in languages other than English
    • Google Scholar accesses material from all over the world, regardless of language.

Google Scholar and VCU Libraries Resources

Make sure to set your preferences to work with VCU Libraries resources. This will dramatically increase the usefulness of Google Scholar for you when conducting research off-campus. The Get It @ VCU link will appear under the More link, unless it is available elsewhere free online, but it will not be in the yellow box you usually see in our other databases.

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