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Read and Use a Legal Citation

Statute Citation

Electronic Duck Stamp Act of 2005, P.L. 109-266, 120 Stat. 670 (2006)
name of law [Electronic Duck Stamp Act of 2005] public law number [P.L. 109-266] volume [120] source [United States Statutes at Large] page [670] year enacted [2006]

Code Citation

29 U.S.C. § 2601 (2006)
title [29] source [United States Code] section [2601] edition [2006]

Va. Code § 23-30.27
source [Code of Virginia] title [23] chapter [30.27]

Regulation Citation

78 Fed. Reg. 15660 (March 12, 2013)
volume [78], source [Federal Register], page [15660], date [March 12, 2013]

39 CFR 3.8
title [39] source [Code of Federal Regulations] part [3] section [8]

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Statutes, codes, and regulations are found in WestlawNext, HeinOnline, and at government sites. The United States Code Annotated and the individual state codes in WestlawNext have various 'Tools & Resources' on the right side of the screen. These links are helpful for finding laws by topic and popular name. HeinOnline is very useful for older editions of statutes, codes, and regulations.