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Use Microform

Find out how microform call numbers display in the VCU Libraries search results, how to use the microform scanners, and save your document.

How to Locate Microform

VCU Libraries Search results will include a film number. Find the cabinet labeled with the film number you need, then locate the reel by its date. Return Microform to the Reshelving Box when you are finished.

Film Sizes

Microfilm is rolled onto reels, whereas microfiche is a flat piece of film approximately the size of an index card. Here are examples of 1) single page microfilm, 2) double page microfilm, 3)microfiche and 4) ultrafiche.
Images of Microfilm and Microfiche


Microform may not be removed from the building. General public and guest users may access Microform collection if research material is not available at public libraries. Access may be limited.