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Online Resources & Canvas Integrations

Learn more about accessing VCU Libraries collections remotely and how they can be integrated in course sites.

Use Permalinks

When using library resources in course sites, it is important to use permalinks to ensure that access is as seamless as possible. When using library content, URLs copied from address bars are unique to users and how they are accessing the collection (e.g. on or off campus) and will often break or result in errors. Permalinks point directly to the intended resource. In the image below, you may note the difference between the URL in the address bar and the permalink available in the record for a journal.

To find a permalink, open the catalog record for the resource you want to use, scroll to the "Send to" options and click the "Permalink" button with the link icon. You now have a link suitable for using in course sites.

library search showing the difference between a URL in the address bar and the permalink available in the record

Use Embed Codes

Instructors often wish to embed media content rather than just having a link to the resource in their course site. Accessing embed codes varies across the collections available at VCU Libraries, but the process of locating them is similar. 

An example from our Alexander Street collection serves as a good model. When you have found multimedia content you would like to use from the library collection, select from the "View Online" options in the catalog record to access the media. This will generally result in the media being opened in a new page with several options. Look for options similar to the "Share" button (1) in the image below. In addition to the permalink, an embed code is made available (2). By copying this embed code, you can display the media in your course site using the rich content editor in the Canvas LMS by following these instructions.

accessing an embed code by selecting "share" and copying code provided

Use Apps & LTIs

Canvas integrates with many external apps and LTIs to enrich course content and interactions. Some apps can be synced with collections available at the libraries.

Contact the Online Learning Librarian for shared secrets and consumer keys and guidance on manual app entries for integrations at the course level.